How does our First SEO Rankings system work?

When you sign up with our powerful system and give us your preferred list of keywords, we will research each and give you the ones we recommend targeting. We will only give you the ones we know we can compete well with because it’s impossible to compete on every keyword that every company wants. Every keyword phrase will be at least three words long, and some of them will include city names. The latest research on Google shows that targeting longtail keyword phrases is a great way also to target small phrases that are much more challenging.

We install a Plugin on your website

We will install a plug-in into the backend if you have a WordPress website. If you don’t have a WordPress site, but it’s built on a different platform such as DUDA, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. we will work through a different process accessing your Cpanel and creating a subdomain to do all the work. Depending on the package you want, they will be created as per the following chart of our favorite basic sets:

• SEOM 15 (5 Main keywords and 10 Supporting keywords)

• SEOM 30 (10 Main keywords and 20 Supporting keywords)

• SEOM 60 (20 Main keywords and 40 Supporting keywords)

• SEOM 90 (30 Main keywords and 60 Supporting keywords)

ON SITE Articles

Within the first 10 days, we will write extensive and keyword-rich articles surrounding each chosen keyword phrase. These articles will be content-rich, keyword-based, and placed on websites worldwide in industries similar to yours. This is not a private blog network; these are individually owned websites using our plug-in. Each article will cover general information about the keyword topic and an intro paragraph about your company. The main article will mention the supporting articles within them. These keywords will link into the supporting content for a funnel effect of related information.

Off-Site Articles

We will also create off-site content and develop a unique 500-word article for each main keyword. Within each of these articles, there will also be the 2 supporting sub-keywords linked directly to your supporting keyword pages. At the bottom of each article is a link to another keywords-shared article for your client on another website. Building links to the pages hosting your shared content is a great power factor. These offsite articles are shared on the system-assigned linked partners.


We also provide citation listings on reference pages on sites using our plugin that we refer to as Citation listings. Think of these as Referrals from other websites or directories where people are searching for your products or services. These short snippets of information about the keyword include a link to your home page, the main keyword content page, and an off-site citation page with your listing. These citations are built soon after the plugin is installed. The shared articles are placed after the articles are completed.

Log-in Details

We will give you login details for your account so you can see how things are running. This will cover the following areas:

• Dashboard Home Page

• Keyword Content

• Supporting Keyword Content

• Offsite Keyword Content

• Content Sharing

• Analytics & Reporting

• Local Citation Builder

• Social Link Building

• Domain Status

• Account Settings


Typically, you will see results in the first 30 days—some as early as 1 week after content completion.  Results continue to grow month to month as pages and listings gain age. By months 3 and 4, you should have satisfactory results.


When you are ready. To get started, go here and give us your information.