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Putting a greater emphasis on user experience (UX) will help your application (both mobile and desktop), website, or product succeed in a very competitive marketplace. User experience designers recognize the fact that your stakeholders are the driving force behind design decisions, and seeks to make their experience as smooth and fulfilling as possible. Being able to translate users’ pain-points, design multiple innovative concepts, conduct usability testing, and perform quick iterative revisions in an efficient and cost-effective method are the key goals to designing a successful application or product. To accomplish these goals, you need to hire the right UX design company to work on your project. Here is our list of the top UX agencies to work with and why we think they stand out from the rest:

  1. Areteworks

At Areteworks, we create and deliver intuitive and inspiring user experience design solutions that give clients a distinct competitive advantage through innovative designs. Using our proprietary design process, Areteworks has received numerous awards including Best UX & UI Design for five consecutive years (2015-2019). We have also appeared in distinguished publications like Forbes and Smart Computing. Among our many prominent clients in the consumer and healthcare industries are: Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Baxter, Johnson & Johnson, Edwards Lifesciences, and Thermo Fisher scientific.

We understand the elements which influence the achievement of a world-class user experience design; from the activities of the end users to the complexity of the decisions being made by those users and the sensitive balance between these precise factors. By designing and deploying some of the world’s best user experience products, Areteworks has been an influential presence and has set the standard in UX / UI design for the past decade. Let Areteworks help you build exceptional products that will give you a distinct and profitable presence in a competitive marketplace.

  1. Clay

Clay is a San Francisco based UI/UX design agency that also offers branding and product development services. Their impressive portfolio includes Fortune 100 enterprises and Silicon Valley giants such as Google, Coca-Cola and Facebook. The company specializes in converting ideas into products that would enjoy widespread user acceptance. They also work with hand-picked global startups to bring the vision of these companies to life.

  1. Praxent

Having launched more than 300 successful products, Praxent has earned the right to be regarded among the top user experience (UX) agencies in the world. The company has been in operation for about two decades, and they have the knowledge and expertise to transform ideas into visible business growth. The bulk of Praxent’s clients come from the financial services sector.

  1. Ideo

Ideo is a California based UX design company that continues to blaze the trail in industrial design. They have an enviable presence in Silicon Valley, and they have worked with countless established as well as budding companies. The company is perhaps most famous for designing the first-ever Apple Mouse and Palm PDAs. The most striking quality of the company is their ability to stay relevant by continually rebranding themselves despite the fast pace of the tech industry.

  1. Digital Telepathy

Digital Telepathy has worked with famous clients, including but not limited to Adobe, Marriott, and Patagonia. The company culture is the envy of many top UX design companies, and the quote at the door of their office–‘I am because we are’–perfectly embodies their focus on teamwork. The Telepathy team has been responsible for transforming many ideas into fantastic products.

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