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Search engine optimization trends come and go. As we head into 2021, we will never forget the year 2020 for a long time. The pandemic has left its mark and changed how many businesses in Calgary operate with a massive push towards online activity. With many eCommerce activities being discoverable online, SEO has become a critical aspect of every business, and the situation will only keep evolving as time progresses. We can presume what is vital for the year 2021 for people to plan ahead so that they can win the race for digital marketing space. Here's everything you need to know about SEO for 2021

Local search will dominate

Optimizing for local search in 2021 is vital because many consumers will prefer to buy locally. So, make sure you're ready to welcome people around you by:

  • Making sure your website is listed in Google MyBusiness
  • Getting backlinks on local business sites
  • Adding a link to your business on Google Maps
  • Regularly posting new local content like how-to guides and blogs
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Review your business website and add local keywords, links, content, and images. This will help you attract local customers.

Voice search will be big

People are increasingly using voice search such as Google Home and Alexa to find what they're looking for–from local businesses to weather updates. Most people now use the voice function in Google search to get what they need because they drive and do other stuff. Therefore, you will have to brainstorm your audience's types of questions that include your target keywords to stay updated on SEO trends for 2021 and beyond.

Video optimization will be necessary

Video is growing at a fast rate. By 2022, it's predicted that a large percentage of the world's online traffic will be video. Therefore, you need to think beyond Facebook and YouTube videos to be successful. You need to create a compelling video for your audience and optimize your video channel name. Ensure your videos are optimized for size, CTAs, keywords, and upload speed.

Search intent will become more important

People now search for things like the way they talk. Google is supporting this development, and your website should also do the same thing. You can no longer research the long-tail or short-tail keywords you want to rank for. You have to be intelligent and know why people search for something online.

  • Do they want an estimate?
  • Do they want to make a purchase?
  • Are they searching for your contact?

Stay Visible in Search Engines with MRC SEO Consulting

MRC SEO Consulting can come to your rescue if you need help with Search engine optimization in Calgary, AB. With our many years of SEO experience, we have helped many Calgary clients make their mark in the Internet world. You can count on our SEO experts to help increase your business visibility and reach more people. Call us at 403-386-7427 if you want to take your business to the next level in 2021 with SEO.

search engine optimization Calgary

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