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This car dealership has several locations based out of the UK and focuses on high-end luxury vehicles. Most of the terms they want to target have search volume on the lower end but are incredibly lucrative. Their goal was first to get their traffic back and improve their rankings for a few key pages.

Here’s how we did it:

First Things First – The SEO Audit

The first thing we always do when we get a new site is to audit their SEO history. They began using our services in May 2018 after experiencing a significant drop in rankings due to the Google Core Algorithm Update that occurred this month.

This site’s rankings were affected during the May algorithm update due to having thin and duplicate pages with little to no content and a high bounce rate. This problem is widespread for auto dealers since most pages typically show inventory pages. That also means there is a huge opportunity to win the traffic back!

This site had a steady traffic flow until experiencing the hit in May. They had started using our link-building services ala carte and saw some traffic returning, then hopped into our managed SEO program a few months later.

Focusing On Improving Existing Pages Rankings & Traffic With Easy Wins

One of the first things we look at is improving traffic to existing pages. It’s common to find that many sites are close to ranking and getting traffic, but they aren’t in the top positions yet. For this, we run our easy wins analysis and find keywords that the site is ranking for with the following metrics:

• Positions 4-30 with
• KD equal to or less than 30
• Minimum CPC .01

That way, we can find targetable, valuable keywords and pages that are on the verge of ranking and can easily be improved. We found 460 potential targets on this site, mainly on the bottom of pages 1 through 3, with CPC between 0.30 and $2.50. These terms / URLs were primarily product pages leading to available specific cars. The keywords have low difficulty (already getting traffic), and we can capitalize on these to quickly increase traffic. Here’s how we did it:

Competitive Gap Analysis

Next, we look at keywords that your competitors are targeting that you are not yet and then focus on building out content for these opportunities.

The automotive industry is different regarding the content gap analysis. When analyzing the competitive gap in this industry, you’ll often find keywords that are irrelevant and not worth targeting (i.e., specific CA models, geo-targeted keywords, etc.)

Most of the top competing sites in this niche are thin on content, which allowed us to target the easy wins and create long blog content around them. Each month, we did a combination of high-quality link-building and strategic content.


After targeting this site’s easy-win key terms, we’ve bumped many of them to page 1. The top 10 keywords are currently all ranking on page 1.


Here’s an example of their #1 exact match key term that experienced serious movement after the 3-month result period of using BIG 10.


When this client switched to our managed SEO service, BIG 10, their organic traffic and traffic value increased consistently monthly. We focused on building quality content on the site and a combination of our link-building techniques.

As you can see in the image below, the site’s backlinks, organic keywords, organic traffic, and traffic value are also consistently improving. After a few consistent months of hard work, we’ve recovered this site’s organic

traffic, bumped many of their keywords up to page 1, and doubled their organic traffic value!

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